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Author of The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself and Chipped Black Nail Polish

The Coolest Way w/ Nicholas Tanek - guest: Tom Scharpling of The Best Show

The Coolest Way is a show where Nicholas Tanek interviews and celebrates the things and people who he thinks should be celebrated. For our very first episode, he interviews Tom Scharpling of The Best Show

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The love of my life died at the age of 37. After failed marriages, addiction, abusive spouses, Lynn and I were reunited. We fell in love and had the most rewarding and honest relationship I know of. My book, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself is a tribute to her. This book does NOT make fun of suicide or promote suicide. No one actually commits suicide in the book. It was a saying we had when dealing with depression, addiction, and illness. It turned out to be a metaphor for truly letting yourself fall in love. This is a very different book. It is filled with kinky sex, hard drugs, and an endless amount of music references. While my poems and stories that got published were for different women, Lynn would cry, "No one will ever write anything for me. Why will no one ever write something for me?" Well, I wrote a book for the girl who thought no one would ever write for her.
~ Nicholas Tanek